Solidarity with Hambach Forest

by Words of Solace and Rage Compilations

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In a world of greed and hate, in a world ruled by money, the influence of music and the possibility to find solace, hope and peace in it, should not be underestimated. Music, as it is able to transform rage into motivation and powerlessness into power, can play a big role in fighting for freedom and for a world, in which we treat each other, no matter where we were born, which skin color we have, which gender we have or not have and no matter who we love, with solidarity and respect. A world, in which we look at nonhuman animals not as products, but as living beings capable of feeling pain and fear, that have the right to live in freedom. A world in which we take this planet and its nature not for granted, but as something special, that we must protect, instead of destroying it.

There are a lot of great artists and bands out there, whose songs address these issues. Songs, that express the thoughts of so many people out there in words. Words as power, rising from the same burning and bleeding heart.

You can find some of them on the “Solidarity with Hambach Forest” compilation.

++++ Any money made with it will be used to support the fight for preserving the Hambach Forest ++++

Big thanks to all bands and artists on this compilation for giving their permission to use their songs for this reason.


released August 9, 2019




Words of Solace and Rage Compilations Germany

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Choosing songs for such a compilation can be pretty difficult, because there are so many awesome songs out there.

So: Go on and check them out! Every song has a link to the artist's website.

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Track Name: Efa Supertramp - They Call This A Fight
We won't run out of life,
'Til the day each one of us has died,
And the dreams we dream are not easily achieved,
But neither are they easily lost.

We won't buy tickets, but we'll take the ride,
We'll quit our jobs, and manage to survive,
There's a reason for us to sing tonight,
We're not dead yet I feel something inside.

Let's Dance until the morning light,
Stand on the streets, stand up for our rights,
We'll paint this city bright tonight,
We sing from our hearts and they call this a fight.

They try and tell us we're lost,
But there's only one thing we haven't found
As we scrounge,
That's a reason to stay still and settle down.
They try and tell us we're blind,
'Cause we don't see things the way they do,
I don't believe in destiny,
That would just make things too easy.

Some think we make it hard for ourselves,
But life is not something you buy off a supermarket shelf
And sometimes things don't run on time,
Coz lifelines are more important than deadlines,
I know you'll put your hand out for me,
And if you're in trouble you know where we'll be,
A group of us outside the station,
Shouting "Soldarity!"
Track Name: Brenna Sahatjian - Treason, Loyalty and Love
spirit and mind bend out of shape
from years in a system build to make us brake
but i feel strong, i feel strong

i know it seems like our enemies always win
but they ain't got nothing worth envying
'coz they're still wrong, they're still wrong

they gotta be dead and rotten out inside
the way they work to make death out of health and life
they are so far gone, they are so far goneso far gone

if we got anything that's something like a fighting chance
it's what we got when we're clear about for what we stand
and we just push on, we just push on

and spring brings the blooming of treason in my gut
reminding me to what i owe loyalty and love

hitchin' home and i got picked up
by a military man in a big fat truck
and he wanted to talk about this war
said 'never mind about the double, triple ambutees,
nowadays we got some got technology
and yes it's worth it. we're bringing on democracy'

well i just kept my mouth shut good and tight
i wanted to sleep in my bed that night
and i just quietly took the ride

but he could not see the treason blooming in my gut
fragrant and still in the ether of my thoughts

sometimes i wanna hide out in the dark
never let anyone see the incendiary sparks
of my heart, of my heart

sometimes i wanna ride through these sad streets
with a big black flag, so everyone could see
something of who we are, of who we are

sometimes it seems like everyone around,
doesn't wanna hear the stuff, doesn't wanna hear the sound
of our restless voice, our restless voice

they say 'why can't you just be grateful and go along'
i say 'i've done that too much and it always feels wrong
and we have a choice, we have a choice'

and spring brings the blooming of treason in my gut
reminding me to what i owe loyalty and love
Track Name: Dishlicker - Down In Your Mines
Down in your mines (Deutsche Uebersetzung unten)

~No you won’t get me down underground in your mines
Away from the trees and the flowers so fine
Down in the dark where the sun never shines
No you won’t get me down in your mines

1. They dig for the coal for the most of their lives
Away from their children away from their wives
They make others rich in he heat and the dark
But who’s going to care when they’re to old to work
2.There’s many a miner has died underground
He’s died all alone when the roof tumbled down
Trapped in the dark underneath the great beams
And he’s choked out his life in the gas-filled old seams
3.Destroy all the factories and burn down their shops
Break down the companies, fry all the cops
Smash all the prisons and try to be free
So fuck off you won’t make a coal miner of me

Deutsche Uebersetzung:

~Nein du wirst mich nicht runter in die Minen kriegen
weg von den wundervollen Baeumen und Blumen
unten in der Dunkelheit, wo niemals die Sonne scheint
nein du wirst mich nicht runter in die Minen kriegen

1. Sie graben die meiste Zeit ihres Lebens nach Kohle
weg von ihren Kindern und Frauen (Das ist ziemlich bescheuert... sorry)
Sie machen andere reich in der Hitze und der Dunkelheit
aber wer wird sich um sie scheren, wenn sie zu alt zum arbeiten sind


2. Viele Mienenarbeiter sterben unter der Erde
sie sterben dort alleine, wenn die Decke runterbricht
gefangen im Dunkel unter den grossen Balken
und ihr leben erlischt in den Gasgefuellten Stollen

3. Zerstoere die Fabriken und brenne ihre Maerkte nieder
zerschlage die Konzerte und fritiere alle Bullen
reiss die Knaeste ein und versuche dich zu befreien
Also verpiss dich, du wirst keinen Mienenarbeiter aus mir machen
Track Name: Inle Elni - Solace
in the moments i awake
in the moments a breath i take
of solace
in my body the pain stays
in my voice my breath a way
to solace

a cry from the river bed
under the dark to break
the cycle of calm alarm

there's a warning sign outside the door, rise a shut it out. balance broke. the heart attack. cancer marks the throat.

there is no plan to fall back on.
there is no plan to fall.
Track Name: Cinder Well - Insulation of the Silence
Insulation of the Silence

In the barge, is where we hold our heavy pardons
the coal train in the corridor
the heavy smell of absence
hold the candle out in front of you in the dark
long enough to form a shadow
you’ll grow out of contrast

my eyes, they are weaker than they once were
they are starting to deceive me, creating figures where there are none
I hear a voice
from inside me when my mouth is shut
the insulation of the silence
it is the sound within the womb

The weight of concrete, the weight of bones
The old four walls, the new hole in the ground

the empty hall
the empty bar room and the dance hall
your hair smoke stained fibers
you hold the empty glass close to your heart
I am awoken in the distance
you and I akin forever
forever in that we are

The weight of concrete, the weight of bones
The old four walls, the new hole in the ground
Track Name: Dishlicker - Void
The snake eats it’s tail, the war is already lost
As we drown in our egos, all hope turnst to dust
We’re aiming our guns at our own feet
Pulling the trigger, stuck on repeat
It seems every answer that is proposed
Is a part oft he problem but we just buy what we’re sold
I don’t know what’s right I just know we’re all wrong
Swalloing doctrine, autonomy gone

The only utopia that i can see
Is a cabin in the woods, just the forest and me
And there i will die with my stomach empty
Domesticated and bitter, pathetic, ugly
The only solace is in the abyss
Meaningless, barren, void, bliss

Void (Leere) Deutsche Uebersetzung

Die Schlang isst ihren Schwanz, der Kampf ist schon verloren
Wenn wir in unserem Egoismus ertrinken, zerfaellt unsere Hoffnung zu Staub
Wir zielen mit unseren Gewehren auf unsere eigenen Fuesse
Druecken auf den Abzug, immer wieder
Es sieht so aus, als ob die einzige Antwort, die ich noch habe
ein Teil des Problems ist aber wir kaufen nur, was wir verkauft haben
Ich weiss nicht was richtig ist, ich weiss nur, dass wir alle falsch liegen
Schlucken Indoktrinierung, autonomie ist vergangen

Die einzige Utopie, die ich sehen kann
Ist eine Huette in der Wildnis, nur der Wald und ich
und dort werde ich sterben, mit leerem Bauch
Domestiziert und verbittert, patetisch, haesslich
der einzige Trost ist im Abgrund
Bedeutungslos, oede, leer, gluecklich
Track Name: Strangeweather - Crystalline
I don't have a crystal ball but if I did it wouldn't tell the future
but I'd have a fistful of sloppy notes from studying the past in the crystal
I'd see us in there trying not to break 'cause we believed the lore
that taught us we were fragile things, as if we didn't have a core
I'd see us in there, shattering, glass bark ground to powder
cold air hits the heartwood and the sap flows
wants to stick it back together
Then comes the sculptor of the past like a lumberjack
he's got a chainsaw to make you an ice swan
with a pretty, long neck and you'd be melting quick unless you substance resists the form
crystalline trees, songs fall like leaves and I never knew you until your roots were under my boots that bumpy bark reflecting my thousand eyes detecting that I never knew you until the heartwood and sap shown through but that took a break in that cloudy, crystal skin
and it takes us breaking until we see we do grow again
and this grove is quaking aspen shimmering and shaking with the music we're making hearts fluttering and breaking
faking a million smiles I tried shaking you awake
flaking a million times and making sad mistakes
hurting so casually you were flirting with the pain
learning nothing from it and so it is all in vain
Track Name: David Rovics - Behind the Barricades
When the world has gone crazy
And it's all becoming clear
When they're gunning down our comrades
And it seems the end is near
As they're loading up the launchers
For the tear gas grenades
We can take off our bandanas
And kiss behind the barricades

When it's madness all around
You can see this at a glance
We will cry and we will sing
And we will laugh and we will dance
As they shout their marching orders
Beneath the helicopter blades
We will seize the moment
For a kiss behind the barricades

They will try to break our spirit
And at times they may succeed
But our love for the world
Is stronger than their greed
When the building is surrounded
And hope begins to fade
In my final hour
A kiss behind the barricades

As the movement grows
There will be hills and bends
But at the center of the struggle
Are your lovers and your friends
The more we hold each other up
The less we can be swayed
Here's to love and solidarity
And a kiss behind the barricades
Track Name: Efa Supertramp - All My Friends Are Freedom Fighters
All my friends are freedom fighters,
All my friends are fighting for freedom,
All my friends are freedom fighters,
All my friends are fighting for freedom.

You know what they say,
You know what they say,
One man's freedom fighter,
Is another man's terrorist,
And we are probably all down,
On their domestic extremist list.

If you believe that food is a right,
And that no one should sleep on the streets at night,
If you believe that war is wrong,
And on civilians, we shouldn't drop bombs..
You're probably down too..
You're probably down too..

If you believe in community,
And that we could build a better world, you & me,
People are more important than nations,
Pay your taxes greedy corporations..
You're probably down too..
You're probably down too..

If you believe education should be free,
So should healthcare, so should we,
If you believe Margaret Thatcher was a bitch,
And that we should uprise against the rich.
You're probably down too..
You're probably down too..
Track Name: Dishlicker - Blue Town Song
1. In the town where I was born,
was a digger destroying ground
So we occupied a tree,
down in Digger Town, anonymously

~We love trees and hate the police…

2. And my friends all live on trees,
many more of them squat a house
And the band begins to play…

~We love trees and fight the police…
Track Name: Momma Swift - The Hole
the hole devours the ground like a starving storm
with the most brutal signs of human life erupting from the core
the flesh of the earth is paraded and piled for all to see
until the edges arent distant anymore they're at the feet of you and me

and im ashamed im sickened to the stomach to know im one of them
everything this earth has eve grown to be is crushed in their mighty metal hands
and im crying im speechless when i see their bodies are just like mine
but we just have to take one look into the hole to see their fucked up minds

no home is safe from these jaws no nest no burrow no house
only money feeds and fuels the flames the flames that cant be put out
and when the trees hit the floor of the forest they cant be heard for the sound
of worldwide domination soon they'll be comin to your town

when you sleep at night what is it that haunts you in your dreams
is it the sound of this world dying is it the animals screams
theres no justice in your words no room for complacency
no time for indifference to the lives you crush so easily
i hope you toss and turn i hope you never get to sleep
i hope you hear the cries of the forest every time you fucking breathe
i hope you hate yourselves in ways you'll never truly understand
and for what the wads of money in your hands!
Track Name: KilnAboy - Your Laws
Hold up, heads down
to the panic sound
to the noise they make
as they drag you down
to the punch you took
in the passion ruck
to the broken arm
for a stolen crown
to the way it was
when you never looked
to the heroes that you mistook
to the prison bars to the battle scars
we will not be pushed that far

your laws, your laws are not my laws

Can you hear the screams
from the battle scenes
conceive and dream of a new regime
select a side
that coincides
to a different thought
to the ones outside
give up the guilt
for what you did
It's only wrong if you sing their song
The rules they make
is their only stake
to protect the money
that they make

Their laws, their laws are not my laws

Give me padded cells
next to your church bells
with the thoughts I've had
I will burn in hell
there'll be bloody streets
where the sceptics meet
where they question
all of your beliefs
you form a pack
with the justice trap
'cos it's easier
to push us back
Now I've got time to kill
and lists to fill
if don't mind
if you'd be so kind

Your laws, your laws are not my laws
Track Name: Bolshy - Party On
You get to pick your poison but it kills you all the same
Paralysed from the neck up puts your ethics to shame
The hand that feeds you also points the finger if blame
Smiling for the cameras while commanding a drone to aim

The unsupported claim that they are trying to help the people
Will not stand up to the test of our demands
Those who claim their honesty is laced with good intentions
Are the ones who keep the power from our hands

Done with sitting down and shutting up. We've had enough
Rooting for ourselves and not the oligarchs above
Direct action is the one solution to the politicians who never gave a fuck
Fuck them

No voice. The illusion of choice.
Different name, identical policy,
I have no faith in this lack of democracy
No voice. The illusion of choice.
Different face, but still the same motive
Take power to the streets and make our own change

It's time to take what we deserve
Cause we should build instead of serve
And if we're waiting for permission
We will waste all of our words.
Track Name: Blackbird Raum - To The Barricades!
unconscious of echoing tragedy we line up to join the parade / but our elbows are stuck in the mud again and our houses have all flown away / there's a song that we've thrown from corpse to corpse / in the fleshes that we carry with us / it's written in caches of serpentine in tunnels and grey pigeons nests / who do you turn to? / treads of the tank searchlight the street scratched of the lists ash and the heat / throwing the kitchen knives off of the roof / but when they look up to the house-tops there's no one to shoot / but we broke through the curfew and into the street / if we let them take anything they'll take everything / they laughed when my aunt won the lottery / they laughed when the cattle cars came /they shot me for stealing a crust of bread but they gave me a loaf when I begged
Track Name: Holy Locust - Holy Digger's Hole
I have come to know the weight of woe in the holy diggers hole
I have come to sew the seeds he left when he did go.
I have come from down that lonesome road with cold black water rain
I have come to sing the songs we heard trapped within the grain
Every child turns to stone in the sun
And the pigs all meet their makers at the sound of their own drum
I have come to you with weary feet broken from the road
I have come only to leave again for my soul I have sold
I have come with wrenched for the cogs of the all consuming beast
I have come here with a great vengeance to say the very least
You can take my hands and chain my feet to
Others like me soon will come again
They have come to steal the fire from our eyes
But when the road grows cold we’ll still know which way to go
Spitting curses from deep within the hole
I have come to know the sound of spring sung through winter’s frost
I have come out of the dark to seek and to be sought
I have come with water for to grow new life on an ancient word
It lied for four hundred years a whisper never heard
You can steal the veins from mighty mountain tops
Dig dig down until the spinning of the world stops
I have come to be the gallows weight, lone shadow in the sand
I have come across four hundred ghosts trapped within the land
I have come with curses for the king and all his golden guns
I have come here in the shadow of a thousand suns
The floodgates fail and a burning ship set sail
The hands of time all wave to wish them well.
They have come to usurp the gold and green
When the light grows old it will shine seven fold
Spitting curses from deep within the hole.
Track Name: Ludlow - Trust no Cop
quite frankly im exhausted from being angry all the time
but ive found that its hard not to be living with your eyes open wide
turns out that they werent lying when they said that ignorance is bliss
and just because these problems do not affect you
doesnt mean that they do not exist

theyre killing our boys for holding toy guns
kidnapping our students, murdering our loved ones
why dont you understand you cant face the cops against themselves
why dont you understand that judge wont prosecute himself
why dont you understand you cant fight the system with itself

and no rights were ever won sitting quietly waiting for justice to come
and if you are neutral and idle youre feeding into the problem
so dont turn the other cheek watching from the other side of a screen
you are as powerful as you allow yourself to be

we’re all fighting the same war on different fronts
attacking the same system of oppression
i know that it’s easy to forget
that there are less of them than us
and its about time for an uprising
if we come together we can finally get shit done
and im sick of seeing cops taking innocent lives
i can’t remember all their names and stories no matter how hard i try

all i can see is bloodstained skin behind red and blue lights
Track Name: Momma Swift - Blood On Your Hands
You've got blood on your hands
you've got blood in your eyes and your mouth
that no amount of scrubbing and cleaning will ever wash out
you've got blood on your suits on your batons your helmets and chains
they tell stories of violence and death at the hands of the state
we have scars and broken bones we have hospital records to prove
the extent that you\re willing to go to repress and remove
we have friends that have died we have friends that are barely alive
and right now when i think theres nothing i can do but cry

Its all over money its all over power
the death count rises by the hour
and whilst we mourn and hold our loved ones
you sit there laughing in your skyscraper tower
this is brutal this is war
when we dont know what to expect outside our doors
and it makes me ask the question more and more
what is it that we're fighting for

you take pride in your work you take pride in the badge on your chest
it grants you access to a limitless amount of respect
so when you beat and shoot us you know that you'll never suffer
your backs covered by the heads of the state and the media
so you continue the extermination of dissent on the street
and not one single tear shed for the bodies that lie at your feet
you have protection on the highest level to keep you alive
but right now when we think theres nothing we can do but cry

one day this will be you
Track Name: Bolshy - Anthropocene
Well I know this world has taught us that winning this race it seems that we were born at the
beginning of,
requires us to earn, and constantly compete, for advertised commodities we have no need for,
the earth we stand on, supports not just our feet,
it fuels every aspect of our living energy,
we are connected to it,
we can't exploit it, or for us the earth will be ignited.

This world is filled with a cocktail of creatures, each one is as important as all of the others,
If we want to conserve our biodiversity,
we must change our ways, think sustainability.
Well, this is true for a privileged few, to turn a shade greener and see your wage through,
Forced to buy the cheapest products from the biggest companies,
It’s the reality of the majority.

Would you chop the last surviving tree down to feed your hungry family?
Would you be classed as an eco-terrorist by the rest of society?
What will we do now the water is rising? Bury your head in the sand and accept you'll go down
I saw the end it was on the horizon. That was before now we're learning the worst way to drown

And now, we see, it falls to the companies
Controlling us all
To stop chopping down the forests, polluting the seas
And accept responsibility

We don't need no oxygen to breathe
We'll just inhale and fill our lungs with gasoline
The fuse burnt out, now the sky is filled with smoke (the sky is filled with smoke)
I know we've reached the point of no return, now we'll all fucking choke, we'll fucking choke

We are nature defending itself
Track Name: Moon Bandits - Property Damage: A Love Song
This song’s about deforestation, and incarceration, progress in the name of masturbation. It’s the lies that they told you as a kid so you could sleep at night. And these bastards have homes. Yeah, these fucks have faces. Most have yachts and acres, own jets and public spaces.
Progress, as if survival even mattered.
They’ll blow up entire city blocks put a walmart there and say shut up and go shop. Yeah, you got everything you could want, but you still take more. It’s time we show up at their homes and tell them we won’t take this anymore. Yeah, they won’t get away with it cause we won’t back down. Yeah, the streets ain’t enough, we wanna burn their homes down.
Whoa, whoa, whoa
Turn their homes into collective housing. Yeah, their fears into reality. They won’t share what they’ve got so you take what you need. Yeah, they won’t share what they’ve got so you take what you need.
Track Name: Blackbird Raum - Honey In The Hair
I fill my mouth up with air, honey in the hair
I fill my life up with time, asleep in the vine, whiskey and wine
who makes the wind blow, I don't care, my eyes roll back in my head
I'm just walking in circles I see the lines in chalk on the ground
one day this will all come down
someday this will all come crashing right down
so go on with your life we will bring you down
Track Name: Früchte des Zorns - Das Herz ist ein Muskel in der Größe einer Faust
Wir sprechen und streiten mit Unbekannten.
Wir führen Freundschaften. Wir lachen und weinen.
Wir verlieben uns. Wir improvisieren Kochrezepte und versuchen,
so radikal zu leben wie die Wirklichkeit.

Wir sprechen mit Worten, Steinen und Gedichten.
Und schreiben unsere Sehnsüchte an die Wände der Stadt.

Und das Herz ist ein Muskel in der Größe einer Faust.
Und das Herz ist ein Muskel in der Größe einer Faust.

Wir klauen in Supermärkten.
Wir lesen und bauen das Schöne aus den Trümmern dieser Welt.
Wir sind schwach und wir sind stark. Und schwören mit Tränen in den Augen,
niemals Teil der lethargischen Masse zu werden.

Wir kämpfen um unsere Leben. Und sind bewaffnet mit Leidenschaft
und der Gewißheit, dass das Unmögliche möglich ist.

Und das Herz ist ein Muskel in der Größe einer Faust.
Und das Herz ist ein Muskel in der Größe einer Faust.

Wir bleiben der Arbeit fern. Wir schwänzen die Schule.
Und übernachten auf Häuserdächern.
Wir sind solidarisch. Wir helfen Anderen und riskieren dabei auch Schläge und Tritte.

Unsere Träume, unsere Revolte ist so alt wie die Zeit
und wird erst mit dem letzten lebenden Menschen sterben.

Und das Herz ist ein Muskel in der Größe einer Faust.
Und das Herz ist ein Muskel in der Größe einer Faust.

Sag wer ich bin. Kennst du meinen Namen? Ich bin die Furcht.
Ich bin der Mut. Ich bin die Schönheit. Ich bin das Leben.
Ich bin die Hoffnung in der Dunkelheit.

Und das Herz ist ein Muskel in der Größe einer Faust.
Und das Herz ist ein Muskel in der Größe einer Faust.
Track Name: Gab De La Vega - Song Of Resistance
submitted to order by profit and greed
traded free thinking for new slavery
in the noise of the factories and the silence of the jails
it's not the same but it's only details

but at night I just cannot sleep
in the ceiling there's a leak
water's dripping and I cannot sleep
and a crazy idea comes to me

I'll resist

I gather contacts of people I trust
I've got a plan and a tank full of gas
in the dark of the night in the moment of truth
a lot of thinking and a damned swinging mood

but at night I just cannot sleep
in the ceiling there's a leak
water's dripping and I cannot sleep
and a crazy idea comes to me

I'll resist

'cause to be is not to live
you call it existence – but you don't resist

can't you see – this is me
you call it resistance – I just want to exist

we've got slingshots they have tanks
we've got dreams they have bombs
we've got truth on our side and freshly dug tombs

and the headlines will throw
all the shit on our names
they will say terrorists and we'll say you're to blame

we believe that some day
we will see the decay
of a corrupt elite that spits on people down here

in the smile of a child in the eyes of a girl
in my grandfather's wrinkles there I will find these words

I'll resist